Parent Rights

Bene cence towards parents: it is the duty of educators to give lessons to
their children about the bene cence they should should show to their parents
as follows:
 They should not walk ahead of them.
 or call them by their rst names.
 nor be annoyed at their advice.
 or disobey their orders.
Warning children from ill conduct or Al-Uq^uq, (disobeying and abstaining from
performing rights). An example of Al-Uq^uq is that a boy may look at his father
in anger.
 Is is also Al-Uq^uq that a boy may consider himself equal to his father.
 Another form of Al-Uq^uq is that a boy may behave too arrogantly and
refuse to kiss the hands of his parents or rise for them in respect.
 It is also Al-Ua^uq that the son may be too haughty to speak about his
father, especially if the son has achieved a high social status.
 Again it is Al-Uq^uq that the boy may not help his poor parents to the
extent that they may be compelled to make lawsuits against him to make
him provide for them.
 The worst of Al-Uq^uq is that the boy may show contempt, annoy, chide,
abuse or repel them.
It is no surprise that then that the Prophet(PBUH) has warned children
against Al-Uq^uq as a grave sin that will burden them and will result in pun-
ishment in this life and in the Hereafter. Al-Bukh^ar^ and Muslim reported
after Ab^u Bakr (ra) that the Prophet(PBUH) said, \Would I tell you about the
greatest sin?” He said that words thrice. Then the companion said, \Yes, O
Messenger of All^ah.” He said, \Disbelief in All^ah and disloyalty to parents.”
\The bene cent treatment that a man can o er should be to the
people who o ered bene cent treatment to his father.”
Abu Dawud, Ibn Majah and Al-Hakim have narrated after Malik Ibn Rabi’ah
who said, \While we were in the company of the Prophet(PBUH) a person from
Bani Salamah came, and said, \O, Messenger of Allah, is there any thing of
good treatment left towards my parents after death?” The Prophet(PBUH) said,
\Yes; prayer for them, asking forgiveness for them, ful lling their commitments,
honouring their friends and showing kindness to kindreds by blood since that
was achieved by them.” 1
1Child Education in Islam, (



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