Difference between a child and a matured person (bâligh)

In Shari’ah, there are different signs that indicate the maturity of a person.
A boy attains puberty (is said to be baligh – mature) if he experiences any of the follwoing:
a) He has a wet dream.
b) He is able to make a woman pregnant.
c) He ejaculates with desire.
However, if the above signs are not evident, and a boy reaches the age of at years, he will be regarded as having reached the age of puberty (bâligh).
A girl is said to be bâligh (matured) if she experiences any of the following:
a) a monthly period (haid – menstruation).
b) She has a wet dream (and seminal fluid is discharged).
c) She becomes pregnant.
d) The releasesof semen with desire while she is awake.

If she does not experience any of these signs, she will be considered mature when she reaches the age of fifteen.

Only lunar months and years are taken into consideration in Islamic matters. On reaching the age of pubertyy, all the principles of Islam such as Salâh, fasting, etc. become Fard (obligatory). If one disobeys or neglects any of these, then one has to make qadâ – fulfill them as the opportunity avails itself.

Before maturity, the child was subservant to the parents. There were no

Shar’i obligations on him. However, now after reaching the age of maturity, he is counted as a man and all the Islamic are focused on him.


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