Windows 7 PC NOw

Windows is one of the products of Microsoft. Microsoft has led among
the Operating System software providers for many decades. Windows 7 is the
new and well-thought-out product. It has been greatly praised in computer
enthusiasts as well as Enterprise and Professional users. We take a look at their
best Operating System so far { Windows 7.
1.2 Windows 7
1.3 New Features
Some of the new features added to Windows 7 are advancement in Touch Technology, speech and handwriting recognition, support for Virtual Hard Disks,
support for more File Formats, improved performance on multi-core processors, improved boot performance, and kernel 1 improvements.
1.3.1 Desktop
There is extensive support for themes in Windows 7. In addition to setting
the color of the Windows borders, desktop background, desktop icons, mouse
pointers and sound themes, they also include desktop slideshow settings. A new
control panel interface, accessible through `Personalizecontext menu 2 item
on the desktop, has been introduced which provides the ability to customize
and switch between themes, as well as download more themes from Microsoft

 Download Windows 7 PC Now


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