Asaib Jado Nazar Ka Ilaj (TILAWAT) / Cure of Evil Spirits, Black Magic, and/or Evil Eye


This is Recitation (TILAWAT) of the Holy Qur’an by the Arab Reciters. They have added Verses of the Qur’an Kareem which has Direct Effect on the well-being of the People (on earth), curing their body and soul, Verses which are remedies of the Black Magic, of the Evil Eye, Envies, and the diseases which are difficult or incurable by the Modern Medical Treatment, according to the Sermon (Advice) of the Religious Scholar. According to him, Cancer and Ulcers etc. are caused by Jinn himself and are remedied, by the Grace of Allah Almighty by this Recitation.
According to the Sermon delivered in Urdu Language by the Religious Scholar in Second speech:
1. One has to listen to this TILAWAT as much as possible from morning (Fajr) to the evening (Maghreb).
2. During this recitation one may fall or want to fall asleep, but this must be avoided. To avoid evil spirits to take respite from the punishment of the Qur’an Kareem, and also some stubborn Evil Spirits, Jinn have developed some resistance, so this resistance can be broken when recitation is listened as much as possible.
3. One may take a break for falling asleep at noon or afternoon which is Sunnah (act performed by Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Peace and blessings of Allah upon him).
4. During listening one may have severe symptoms or conditions leading him to want to stop listening to it, but this is caused by the effects of Black Magic, Evil Spirits or Evil Eye which are being cured by listening to it. In these sever condition one might feel that
a. One is going to die.
b. One can’t listen to it anymore.
c. One may have severe pain in some parts of the body; these are the organs or parts of the body in which bad effect might be present.
d. One might have vomiting; there are instances (according to the Sermon) that some people had 100 or more vomiting in a day. These are the evidence that the burden of Devil is becoming light and the Evil Effects are being cured.
5. So, in the end one must be adamant while listening to it, and when it has no clear effect on the person or the organ of the person being treated they might think that by Thanks and Blessings of Allah, the sick has been cured.

He also tell us that

1. One must keep doing his work discreetly before its completion and once it’s completed then the details be disclosed.

2. One must also keep one’s blessings in a curtain neither shown openly nor showed it off to the outside because with every blessed there are some jealous person to one.

3. Neither one should praise one’s wife nor his children.

4. Must keep praying (to Allah) because it’s good for the person to keep praying.

Download Tilawat

Download Tilawat

Similarly for Urdu Speaking folks, here is the Sermon (bayan):

Urdu Speaking Folks Download this Bayan (Sermon)

Urdu Speaking Folks Download this Bayan (Sermon)


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