Adobe photoshop CS5 Interface Overview

Adobe Photoshop CS5 is a quite detailed and extensive software program. By first opening the Photoshop one might get intimidated by the tools, menus, options and docks. To be fully able to use it, workspace overview is necessary.

1. Application Bar
This is the bar you would be using while switching between applications. This is primarily related to opening files in Adobe Bridge, Adobe MiniBridge, and changing views of opened files as well as zooming it. Adobe Bridge is shipped and installed with Adobe Photoshop Package. This is present whether you buy Photoshop standalone or with part of Adobe Creative Suite. It is full complete Digital Asset Manager (DAM). As its name suggests it can be thought of as a bridge between different applications of Adobe Creative Suite. You can manage your digital assets by grouping, editing, adding metadata, creating PDF slideshows or more.

2. Workspace Switcher
This is located at the right side of the application bar. It’s main purpose is to ease switching between workspaces. Workspaces are settings of tools, docks, menus to facilitate in certain task at hand. That task might be designing, painting or photography, 3D (if you’re working in extended version of Photoshop or 64-bit Photoshop). In design view, characters & other design aspects are shown. In painting, brushes & other color settings are shown.

3. Tools Panel Bar
This is the bar on which we’ll be focussing. This bar has the tools necessary to do tasks such as cropping, selecting, writing, or red-eye removal et cetera. Good and Efficient use of these tools marks the difference between a pro user and an amateur user.

4. MiniBridge Bar
This bar is for browsing of image files using pre-installed MiniBridge application. This application is specifically designed for managing, storing, retrieving & browsing of images. This is used for inline browsing as opposed to Adobe Bridge full-application-launch browsing.

5. File Menu Bar
Below application is File Menu bar. This is perhaps the most familiar to newbie & most widely used bar. File, Edit, Image, Layer et cetera are the sections which deals with the particular aspect of the image under hand. For Example, Edit sections deals with the Undo, Redo as well as the as functionality for editing of images.

6. Properties Bar
It shows properties of the selected tools. It provides an easy and handy way to change settings of a tool in use. Every tools is associated with a corresponding properties bar for easy access of commonly used properties.

7. Docks for Color, Masks, Layers et cetera
This set of docks is arranged in a wider panel on right hand side of the window for readily and handy access to commonly used properties that are necessary for the Image Editing or Designing. These are floatable docks, which means that they can be made to float in the window by just grabbing one of the Tab on right hand side and dragging it to the Main Area and then letting it go to float.

8. Main Working Area
At the center, surrounded by tools and panels, is the Main Working Area, which is also called Canvas. This part of interface is reserved for image viewing, editing, panning, zooming and filter application.

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