Surah Baqrah and Modern Living

Surah Baqrah and Modern Living

This Surah has significance that it narrates the stories of Bani Israel. Allah Subhana’o Wa’ta’la tell in this verse that how they tried to deceive Believers. They used to be with Believers but when they returned to their evil-doers they used assure them that they were indeed with them and they just to mock at the followers of Muhammad Peace be upon him. This is the surah in which evil doing of evil people are exposed and how they misuse their intellect. It has significance that it stimulated Muslims to fight in the Cause of Allah i.e., it commands them for Jihad. It also tell that some things (e.g., Jihad) is good for them even though they not like it, and some things are bad for them (e.g., intoxicating etc.,) although they might like them. It also give Mujahids (Fighters in the Cause of Allah) good tidings that the people who

Book of Allah

Book of Allah

migrate and fight in the Cause of Allah are candidates for  the bounties of Allah Subhana’o Wa’ta’la. The last two verse of this Ayats are, according to Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him, the Sardar (emperor, king) of the Holy Quran.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him said that keep reciting this Surah is the blessing and abandoning is not good. This is the Surah (Ayats, Verse, Evidence, proof) that the Magicians can’t withstand. It is also beneficial to keep reciting Surah Baqrah help avoid Magic or warding off its evil effects.


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