Solar Power

  Sun is the ultimate source of Light energy on the earth. This is one of the forms of energy which is gaining considerations and investments of companies, governments and people alike. Solar Panels are constructed from Photovoltaic cells. These have characteristic of when light falls upon them, electricity flow in the p and n region if they’re joined externally by a wires, which is the case in constructed systems. The voltage generated can be 1.5 for single panel; different panels are joined in such a way to provide a standard or required voltage level. For example, 16 (24/1.5) solar panels would be connected in parallel to provide voltage level of 24 V. As common voltage batteries voltage are available in 12V standard voltage so it would be quite good to build Panels in 12V sets. Intensity of Sun (UV rays) give us a downward-opening parabola like shape, which has greatest intensity of light in the mid of the day, when sun glazes with full intensity in a sunny day. Its intensity keeps on dropping when sun starts to decline to set in the west. Voltage produced is directly proportional to the intensity of light so power generated by it goes on falling as sun set down to east. Different factors are taken into account including intensity of light while planning to set Solar Power Plant or solar panel up. The greater the light intensity falling on Solar panel and greater the efficiency of it, greater will be its output power. So, places like deserts are very useful for them. It can also be feasible when the Solar Power Plant Farm is set up high in the air that solar radiation is high enough to generate sufficient power although there might be clouds near the earth. Different materials and different life-cycle products are manufactured, which obviously greater life-cycle product should be opted for if one desires to lessen the installation cost on replacement PV cells. Reference:

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About Faizan Khalid

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