Coal Power


Coal has the great potential to be employed as a fuel in the operation of power plant. Different forms are coal is found in reservoir of the earth in different part of the earth. This has been used for years as a fuel in the locomotives or the train built the British here in Pakistan. Due to increase in price level of petrol, diesel, high-octane Petrol, more focused is being placed on this type of Power. Transportation and freight carriages are one of the challenges faced in its transportation. Some technologist think and champion the idea of converting Coal to Coal gas before using it in the power plant. Steam is generated by burning the coal in the boiler of the power plant. This steam is then used to rotate coil in Permanent Magnetic Field, which generates electricity in accordance with Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction. Coal is cheap in some counties where its deposits are in abundance. Secondly, there are not sophisticated Control Systems and modernized machinery and computer systems are used for it to operate successfully. Less technically competent person can run Coal power plant as opposite to Nuclear Power Plant. Coal fuel is cheap and thus can be used generating electricity as lower price per Kilo-watt hour (KWH).

Some of the disadvantages are pollution, waste materials disposal problems, and transportation and handling costs which can be substantial if it is to be transported at a large distance. So, it is economical to set it near the site where Coal is abundant. Environmental degradation might be caused if the exhaust chimney of the boiler is not sufficiently high in the air.

But relatively low construction cost, and low operating fixed and variable costs are the features which make it quite suitable for generating electricity in ample amounts.


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