Terms & Conditions

1. By browsing through this site for Engineering, Technical, Technological material, the user abide by the Terms & Conditions. Browsing through this site implies acceptance of this Terms & Conditions.
2. The provider of the material does not bear any responsibility of shoulder consequence by the tutorials, things, or the Instructions (referred to as Material) provided in this site.
3. Usage of this Site is confirms the acceptance of this Terms & Conditions by the user, if one’s not then one may cancel it’s usgae of Material (to avoid any consequences for at least one side).
4. The Material generated by this site is property of this site, one way or the other and the user is entitled a reasonable limited right to its usage.
5. Adhering and complying to these Terms & Conditions is the responsibility of the user(s) and the
owner/authors/members are or some other higher-ups are exwmpted for this liability.
6. It is responsibility of the users to take proper safety measures and practice good engineering and technological safe keeping before undertaking any measure. In my opinion, having more knowledge than is required for safely carrying out a procedure never hurts anyone.
7. Reading thoroughly and then carrying out a thing is better than experimenting with dangerous voltages, currents, this thing and that.
8. It is good that a person is expert of a thing and at least reasonably confident while fiddling with supplies, currents, compounds, materials that might prove to be dangerous in some way or the other.
9. These Terms & Conditions may be added to, deleted, updated from time to time.
Last Update: November 12, 2015.


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